Could being very knowledgeable and skillful make you successful forever?

Learning new things regularly is amazing. You know either you do not know anything, or you know less about a subject, which means, you are in conscious incompetence zone, and you are willing to enlarge your comfort zone. When you do things intentionally and passionately, anything that would seem like barriers are are not like that, you break the barriers as if they are carton walls. You no longer feel the weight and burden of the obstacles, you lift them as if they are in the water. The buoyant force of water is as big as your passion for learning new things, and the barriers are lighter than ever, the success is so close.

Learning is motivating me as it motivates people. Thinking and visioning what the new skills will add to my experience drives me more. When could this magic end? Does it end?

It, for sure, is in our hands. Trying new things, continuously learning, doing things differently, not to be afraid of failure, not feeling tired after working long hours, going to bed with the rising sun (this happens to me a lot while blogging), forgetting to eat. I am sure, you had or having one or some of the items of this list,  you are lucky!

Unless you have some of the above, you should turn back and think of the feeling when you had broken down the barriers, who was the person there? Which features of yourself made you successful?

It is nothing to do with experience or seniority; Success is directly linked with energy and ambition. If you want to achieve something, whatever the barriers are, you always and 100% be successful. It is a rule of life.  Well, what is the formula for success, then?

The variables of this life equation are Success, ability, and behavior:

  • Success: the work that has been tackled
  • Ability: the knowledge and skill set we must have to finish the work
  • Behavior: the actions we did intentionally and motivated by using our knowledge and ability  (decision making, leading, listening,)

Well, how could these variables come together in the equation?


Success = Ability x (Behavior)²

Now let’s see, how the variables produce different levels of success under various circumstances,

Let’s assume that each variable has a scale between 1 and 10. 1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest score.

Case-1: We have mediocre ability about a subject; however, our behavior towards the subject is positive, we use our ability and work intentionally and motivated. In this case,

Success = Ability x (Behavior)²

Success = 5 x 10²=500 points.

Case-2: We have meritorious ability about a subject, and we behave like a role model. People likes to collaborate with us. In this case,

Success = Ability x (Behavior)²

Success = 10 x 10²=1000 points.

Case-3: We are newly developing our ability about a subject. We are an intern. Our motivation and passion for learning, perform is very high; thus, our behavior is excellent. In this case, 

Success = Ability x (Behavior)²

Success = 1 x 10² = 100 points.

Case-4: Our ability about a subject is beyond reach; however we are not motivated to go an extra mile, we get out of line, people run away from us, and they do not want to collaborate with us. In this case,

Success = Ability x (Behavior)²

Success = 10 x 1² = 10 points.

We could be capable, skillful and knowledgeable as much as we want, the success that we will demonstrate without passion and motivation will be only one tenth of the success expressed by someone with newly developing ability but with high level of motivation and passion to do more.

Assume that someone will get experience in time, then the potential ratio would be one in hundredth.

Hence; my recommendation to you, 

  1. People, demonstrating not only high skill sets and knowledge but also willing to learn new things for development, passionate about receiving feedback, running with internal motivation instead of external, will always be successful whatever they do.
  2. These people are ‘Talents.’ If you realize them, either hire them or care about them, recognize their success.
  3. During the recruitment process, which candidate would you choose, the most knowledgeable, skillful one or the one with less experience but highly motivated and passionate about learning new things and go for the extra miles? Think once more before the final decision. Hiring managers usually do not want to take the risk and want plug and play candidates thus decide for the most experienced, skilled candidates. The knowledge and skills could easily be acquired. You should think the ‘what is next,’ shouldn’t you?
  4. Assessing ambition, willingness, and motivation are hard work for a recruiter and a hiring manager. You should ask specific questions, and it also requires gut feeling and expertise 🙂
  5. I suggest you to revise and transform your hiring policy unless you assess motivation, values, willingness of the candidates

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